Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Wedding Wednesday: Bridesmaid Jewelry

MEQ picked out her bridesmaid dresses which are a simple, strapless and the perfect champagne color. In order to jazz mine up I want a fun, but not too loud necklace. A simple ring and pair of studs to pair with a necklace that I think will add a little flavor to the dress.

Here are a few options I am thinking...thoughts?

Juicy Couture- Enamel Petal Necklace

 House of Harlow 1960- Leather Station Necklace

JCrew- Colorblock fringe necklace

JCrew- Crystal Venus flytrap necklace


  1. I think I like the first one best. The wedding I was in last year had a similar situation. All the girls had tan dresses and we were told to go wild with our accessories...unfortunately necklaces did not look good with the dress!