Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Apartment Renovations

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Over the holiday weekend our apartment had a little face lift. My NYC apartment is a duplex. 2 floors, 2 bathrooms and a private backyard. Basically it's the sweetest find EVER. The basement had an additional wall go up on Monday to give the downstairs space some additional privacy. Today I got an email from Jess (1 of my 2 roomies):

Email: We should paint the new wall downstairs with chalkboard paint!!!!!

Done and done. Isn't she a genius?? It is a cheap way to spruce up a white wall. How fun, right!? Have any of you out there used chalkboard paint? I'm going to get googling!

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  1. We JUST painted our breakfast area in chalkboard paint!! I absolutely love it!!! And love your blog btw!! xoxo